If you feel your lawn is lacking the green and lush feeling that you desire, or you have a lot of standing water, it is probably in need of an annual-core aeration. Cheetah Turf Care's aeration consists of creating openings in the lawn to help air, water and nutrients move into the soil and into the grass roots. Included benefits of Cheetah Turf Care's core aeration program are listed below:


  Core Aeration Benefits

  • Improved air exchange between the soil and the air level.

  • The absorption of fertilizer and lime to benefit root growth.

  • Reduction of standing water, runoff and moisture in poor, clay or heavy soil.

The cores left behind after aeration will dry, then slowly work back into the lawn's top soil.

These plugs will provide much needed micro nutrients and work as a natural fertilizer.

Top Dressing


      Benefits of Top Dressing 

  • Reduces heavy thatch

  • Smooths out uneven terrain 

  • Improves the soil’s productive properties and beneficial microbes

  • Increase root strength

  • Increase water holding capacity 

Our 4 step top dressing and leveling service enhances turf to its fullest extent. 

We begin with a core aeration service that relieves compaction and allows nutrients and water to reach the root of the turf. Next, we use our proprietary blend of sand and soil to top dress the turf with our professional top dresser. Leveling and smoothing out uneven terrain concludes the process.

Our custom blended starter fertilizer with potassium and phosphorus are added upon completion to provide a strong foundation. Watering heavy for a week is recommended after the service to help settle the dressing and allow fertilizer to impregnate the soil. This service will not change the grade of lawns only level areas of imperfection within 1/4 to 1/2 inch. 

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