The most annoying and disappointing thing in a lawn is the ugly and unsightly weeds. A weed is any plant that is undesirable or in the wrong place. Cheetah Turf Care uses a two step weed protection plan for your lawn. Pre-emergent weed control prevents undesired weeds and annual grasses in your lawn. A pre-emergent does not prevent the germination of the undesired seed, but controls it with a barricade, so the seed will not sprout. Application timing of any pre-emergent is crucial in weed prevention. This is where we work our magic! Our seven step program throughout the year will keep you on the proper timing to prevent those pesky weeds and annual grasses.


Our last step is post-emergent weed control. Post emergent weed control is instrumental in knocking out the weed once it surfaces or is in a growing stage. Certain factors can control proper weed control applications. Humidity, rain and mowing can break down weed control after application. Please refrain from mowing for 48 hours and bag the lawn to prevent distribution of seedling from dead weeds.

Weed Control

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